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The Brand

If you are reading this, that means your having a hair journey on this moment on our website.

This is what you need to know of our hair brand. We would like to give our customers the best hair experience possible. By doing that, we at Mon Kossa divided our hair brand in two classification Mon Kossa and Basic.

The reason for having two classification at Mon kossa is simple. To give the best hair of the highest quality would be very pricey. We would like to give our customers two options quality with a less high price class or premium quality with a high price class. You as a customer can choose for yourself what is important for you Premium hair or Quality hair.

Mon Kossa – The Mon Kossa is premium hair with a high price class. The Mon Kossa hair can last up to 1 to 2 year with proper care. The Mon Kossa is of premium high quality, the hair will shed a minimum to none. The hair has a minimum tangle to none. Our premium hair is always Virgin hair. The virgin hair is easy to dye and can become blond or platinum blond. We will advise you after bleach to give the hair proper care. Because even natural hair on your head can damage from bleach treatments. The hair viability of the bleached hair can still last up to 1 year with proper care.

Basic – The Basic is good quality hair with a lower price class. The Basic hair can last up to 1 to 6 months with proper care. The Basic is of good quality, the hair will shed. The hair can tangle. We will not recommend to dye the hair.


Research & Development

We always listen to our customers complains and worries. That is why our company really focuses on developing our techniques in making our wigs and weaves. At this moment we are testing our new invisible lace. The lace melts with any kind of skin color ! No need, for asking a specific lace color with Mon Kossa.

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