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Blog - Find Your True Match: Hair Texture is Everything

Hair Texture

Imagine, your best friend is having an ultra-glamours party at one of the city’s fanciest venues for her birthday. It is a formal event, so guests are expected to dress in their finest. You immediately start to plan your wardrobe, but when it comes to hair, you get stuck. Determining a texture, length, and styling to find the right blend requires a bit of research.


Fortunately, Mon Kossa carries a variety of high-quality textures for a seamless look that will match your hair type. Create a versatile style with lengths ranging from 8″ to 40″. Here is a closer look at the options available in order of hair type.


Straight: Hair Type 1-2

Natural Wigs Kinky Straight Hair 6*6 Closure Wig For Black Women -Asteriahair

Straight – This type is celebrity quality, premium virgin hair. Straight is great for those who like to dye their hair to change up their look every once in a while. Straight hair is considered type 1. 

Yaki straight – Mon Kossa also carries yaki straight hair which is an excellent option to match the natural pattern that occurs after pressing or relaxing. It is lightweight and offers both flow and movement. Yaki straight hair is considered type 2 hair because while it is straight, it does have a bit of texture. 




Waves: Hair Type 2-3

Body wave – One of Mon Kos22 Best hollywood Glam Hair ideas | vintage hairstyles, long hair styles, hair stylessa’s favorites, body wave hair can be described as having a beautiful, soft pattern. It is one of the most popular options when it comes to hair weaves and ponytails. Select body waves when you are going for a sleek look. This hair is considered type 2.

Loose wave – This variety has a tighter wave pattern than the body wave. It creates the look of volume, bounce, and fluff. Loose wave is considered type 2 hair. 

Hollywood– Another bestseller, Hollywood hair is for those who want to achieve an ultra-luxe, glamorous look. The waves are deep and voluminous.  If you are searching for a showstopping look, Hollywood hairis right for you. This option is considered type 2 hair.

Loose deep – This hair type can be described as smooth. Loose deep hair has larger waves than deep yet smaller waves than our loose option. It is considered type 3 hair. 

Deep wave – When you think of deep wave hair think flow. It has a tighter wave than body, loose, and loose deep wave options. This type 3 hair adds considerable volume and is great for those who love bounce and shine. 

Water wave – When considering the water wave hair type think of a sleek style with flow. It provides the ultimate tropical/island look making it excellent for vacations. It can be compared to cascading water that has a natural, eye-catching look. It is considered type 3 hair. 



Curls: Hair Type 3-4

Natural wave – Natural wave sits comfortably in the 3-B, 3-C category of hair. This hair texture has ample curl, providing an excellent transition between the tight wave of type 3 and coil of type 4 hair. This option has a moderate shine that gives the appearance of a natural, effortless look great for everyday wear.  

Kinky curly – Mon Kossa is the place to find the best kinky curly hair options. This type is considered to have an afro-textured look, one of the most popular available for 4C hair types. It is tightly coiled hair that looks great in a ponytail or bundle form.  

Afro curly – Another tightly coiled style, Afro curly falls into the type 4 hair category. You can expect volume and fluff while still having a defined curl look. This type mimics the natural growth pattern of kinky hair, untouched by heat, chemicals, or processing agents. This low-maintenance style is great for a shake-and-go look.

Ponytail Afro Kinky Curly 16 inch |


After doing your research, you decide to go with the wavy Hollywood option to accompany your embellished gown. This hair sets off the retro-glam look you had in mind for your friend’s party. The only thing you have left to do is add the bundles to your Mon Kossa cart along with applying your monthly subscription box at 30% off.


If you have any remaining questions about hair types or textures, please feel free to contact us. Mon Kossa Hair would love to hear from you. 



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